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Careers at Addison

Hard-working, quality-oriented, and dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry, Addison employees hold themselves to the highest standards.

If you match this description and are interested in a career at Addison we would love to hear from you.

Inside Sales

Michael StrandCassie LeMoineNicholas Winkler
Vice President of SalesSales EngineerSales Engineer
608.524.6454 | Ext. 207608.524.6454 | Ext. 203608.524.6454 | Ext. 208
608.415.1461 | Mobile

Company Operations

Jay BrunkenPatrick BrunkenRobert Clyde
Vice President of OperationsVice President of Tube Mill SalesTreasurer
608.524.6454 | Ext. 210608.524.6454 | Ext. 204608.524.6454 | Ext. 216
630.330.0935 | Mobile


Chris MillerDaniel GroellMark Mead
Vice President of EngineeringSenior Project EngineerRegrind Engineer
608.524.6454 | Ext. 228608.524.6454 | Ext. 214608.524.6454 | Ext. 212

Outside Sales

Derris MurphyBrian Potter
DH MurphyPotter & Associates
281.351.2682 | Direct313.884.5256 | Direct
Arkansas, Colorado,
Loiusiana, Oklahoma,
Texas, Utah
Northeast US, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia,
West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York
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